How to make Bloody Mary Gelato

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You will need a Gelato machine which is hard to find. If you happen to stumble upon one make this recipe because it is absolutely interesting, different and delicious.

Ingredients for Gelato:

part 1:

Milk: 38 oz

cream: 8 oz

sugar: 5 oz

trimoline (invert syrup): 1.5 oz

vanilla bean: 1 each

part 2:

eggs: 3.5 oz or 2 eggs

egg yolks: 5 oz

sugar: 4 oz

method of prep:

steep fennel sprigs in milk and let cool

part 1: heat part 1 ingredients to a scald (mini boil right before boiling)

whisk part 2 in a separate bowl

temper scalding liquid with part 2 mixture (pour a little scalding liquid to part to to raise temperature so sauce does not break)

return tempered mixture to scalding mixture and cook to 178 degrees no higher while whisking constantly to not cook eggs

cool mixture over ice bath and set aside

ingredients for blood mary:

fennel bulb: 1 each

roma tomatoes: 1 LB

worcestershire sauce: 4 splashes

salt and pepper: to taste

oil: as needed

tabasco sauce: 4 splashes or more if you like spicy

method of prep:

chop fennel bulb keeping sprigs to steep in milk

blanch tomatoes peel skin and remove seeds

roast tomatoes with salt and pepper and olive oil for 10 minutes at 350

saute fennel till lightly browned

keep seeds and juice and push through a strainer

combine tomatoes, fennel, juices, salt, pepper, tabasco and worcestershire sauce


add mixture to cooled gelato mixture

taste and adjust seasoning

put in gelato machine until creamy

enjoy its different and delicious 🙂 let us know what you think please 


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