About Samara and Jason

Samara and Jason are two Jewish up and coming Chefs in the Kosher community.
Samara and Jason believe Culinary is not just a craft. FOOD IS ART and A WAY OF LIFE.  Food not only nourishes us to live, breath and work but also brings people together. Families are always gathering around a meal. Food brings us closer together. Food is universal. We can take all sorts of spices and ways of preparing food from every culture and incorporate it into Jewish culinary art. In our opinion culinary and baking and pastry is more than just a “job”. It’s a way of living, sharing, and bringing joy to everyone through food.
Samara is a Fashion Institute graduate. This has given her a keen sense for for plate designing and new trends in kosher pastry and dessert designs. Samara has attended classes at the French Culinary Institute and the Institute for Culinary Education. Samara has worked with Rachael Ray and her kitchen team. Through this experience Samara has gained a lot of knowledge and technique in pastry as well as new culinary trends.

Jason is a graduate of Johnson and Wales’s culinary arts. Jason has an amazing sense for paring foods together and is not afraid to try the unexpected. Jason has done many demos with professional chefs like Food Networks Chef Falkner, Chef David Burke and Chef Adolfo Parrot. Jason Has worked in Mikes Bistro and the new redefined Nobo Wine and Grill. Jason has worked under one of the top up and coming Kosher Chefs in the country, Chef Josh Massin from Nobo Wine and Grill.

Together, Samara and Jason, have started this blog to share their love and passion for food with everyone. We encourage you to follow our blog for new exciting recipes. We also would love to have you send us your creative food dishes so we can try them out ourselves. Also please feel free to email us with any questions concerning food. ie. How to prepare meat. What wines go with fish or meat. Etc

Here’s to bringing us all together through food.

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